4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cats


1. Why do they rub themselves against you?

One of the reasons is of course that they like you and want to feel you closer. However, the other reason they like to rub themselves against you is to mark their territory, which is you, the can opener 🙂 Just like most mammals, cats also have scent glands, mostly on their faces, on their tales and even on their paws. These scent glands are storing information about territory among other things. So the next time your cat rubs its face around you, you should know that you’ve been marked.


2. Cyprus has more cats than people

If you’ve ever been to the beautiful island of Cyprus, you probably realised that it’s filled with stray cats. No matter where you go, where you look, there is definitely going to be at least one cat. According to Cyprus Mail there are approximately 1.5 million cats on the island, which completely outgrow the human population which in comparison is only 1.3 million people.


3. What does cat meowing mean?

When cats are just small kittens, their meowing is addressed to their mother, but when they grow up they stop meowing as communication with other cats and will only meow to talk with you. They can tell a lot to you, whether to say hello to you, when they are hungry, to get your attention or to be let in or out. You will definitely know which meow means what exactly with time.


4. What are they doing all day?

You probably noticed that most of the time cats either sleep, clean themselves or eat. Mostly this is all they do with some additional playing. In reality, cats spend a third of their life cleaning themselves and another third sleeping, which means that they only have a third of their life to eat, play, purr and be sometimes annoying. After this, who wouldn’t want to be a cat?!